Hot Downtown Austin Loft SXSW Rental

March 5, 2012




Cool view, huh? I’d show you interior shots but they generally involve me tanked up on alcohol being a goof which is sort of not what you want to see and tragically the owner hasn’t taken real photos of the interior. However —


If you have foolishly left off till the last minute your South by Southwest Festival accommodations and are now stuck — or worse, made bad accommodations you should cancel right now so you can make good ones — this is for you.


It’s a one bedroom downtown loft and I mean DOWNTOWN, as in, the corner of 7th and Colorado, 800+ sq ft and walking distance [in heels! — addendum, don’t wear heals to SXSW you will die] to the Driscoll and Paramount, not to mention the Royal Blue Grocery which is how you will survive since you will need snacks. One master bedroom is private, the owner can throw in a queen size bed if you need it in the main loft. There is a full kitchen. Flatware and plates and such provided and it is furnished. High ceilings, terazzo floors and large windows. This building also has a roof-top deck and smoking is okay. Also if you are bringing a pet that is negotiable.


$600 per night or $4500 for the full 10 day SXSW festival. $1500 deposit. The owner is a licensed and bonded real estate agent so, you know, not going to run off with your deposit.


If interested, hit me on my contact page.




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