underbelly blues wins festival award yay!

November 3, 2011


This is very cool, the film I am in, Underbelly Blues, directed by Phil Messerer, has been chosen as the first place winner in the Feature Film Category of this season of the LA New Wave International Film Festival. It will be screening at the festival on November 10, if you’re there be sure and catch it.




What happens when you mix a briefcase containing ten million dollars with a corrupt cop, a sleazy strip club owner, lesbian strippers, an obsessive compulsive hitman, a British meth cook, an albino thug, a cowardly gangster rapper, a sexual deviant redneck, a ruthless CEO, a Jewish pickpocket, and his dominatrix mother?

Underbelly Blues.

Tony Tarantino presents a unique dark comedy from the warped minds of Phil Messerer (bloodjunky.com) and Seamus Reed (Hollywood Hustle) Featuring over 30 of the hottest young rising stars of the Hollywood comedy scene, Underbelly Blues is destined to become a cult classic and a must own for any lover of extreme counter culture cinema. Get ready to be shocked. Get ready to be riveted. But mainly, get ready to lose some bodily fluids as you laugh uncontrollably from beginning to end. Here is Underbelly Blues.


*undebelly blues on imdb
*buy tickets



4 Responses to “underbelly blues wins festival award yay!”

  1. Congratulations Max!!! Damn, wish I could get to LA and see the full film.

  2. Max said

    You and me both, I still have not seen the full film. Oh nos!

  3. Kym Kemp said

    Will it get distributed? (Translation: will I get to see it way out here?

    Congratulations, lady. I hope someday I get to see it.

  4. Max said

    Yes, in 2012. Right now it is just starting the festival circuit. Thank you for asking.

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