april 15th unplugged | no new nukes

March 24, 2011


april 15th, 2011, please turn your electrical appliances and lights off for 15 minuts at 9 PM EST


What: You Are Cordially Invited to Unplug Your Electrical Items
When: April 15th
What Time: 9 PM Eastern Standard Time
How Long: 15 Minutes
Where: World Wide
Why: You Don’t Want to See Little Kids Fried By Nuclear Plant Radioactive Fallout


*Your time zone Eastern Standard Time: :::world clock:::



2 Responses to “april 15th unplugged | no new nukes”

  1. […] april 15th unplugged | no new nukes […]

  2. […] Find the thought that the government is planning on providing $8 billion in federal loan guarantees for building new nuclear plants …er..taxing? Then……unplug for fifteen–for fifteen minutes on tax day (April 15th) at 6pm Pacific Time.  Just the simple act of shutting down your electricity for 15 minutes on one day will bring attention to the No Nuke movement says Hollywood screenwriter and former Humboldt woman, Max Adams. […]

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