that adams girl cheat sheet l.a. election frenzy

March 8, 2011


Still wondering who or what to vote for? Figure your voting tendencies match mine you just cannot sort through the fine print? Never fear, That Adams Girl is here:


City of Los Angeles Member of the Council, 4th District:

Tomas O’Grady

L.A. Community College District:
Member of Board of Trustees:

Seat No.1 Mona Field
Seat No.3 Steven Veres
Seat No.5 Scott Svonkin
Seat No.7 Miguel Santiago

Ballot Measures:

G: No (this should have been a cap, this is weak legislation)
H: Yes (this is muddy but bottom line, let’s rein in the dirty contributions now)
I: Yes (what does your dwp bill look like?, yeah, rein those ponies in)
J: Yes (more dwp, see above)
L; Yes (that is libraries, dammit, save them)
M: No (if it’s a legal sale, you can tax it, if not, you can’t, make up your minds ya greedy bastards)
N: No (stop it, reining in bad campaign tricks should not be overturned)
O: Yes (tax those damn oil companies already)
P: Yes (should the city set aside cash for emergencies?, gee, I dunno, does l.a. have fires/floods/earthquakes?)
Q: Yes (this was tricky but i am going with scada on this one, let’s fix some of those employment provisions, sorry democratic party)

There. Easy. And remember, libraries are riding on this and so is your utility bill and hello? Those oil drilling bastards need to start paying taxes. Print this baby out and hustle out that door. You have till 8 o’clock.


That Adams Girl


•check back to see how we did



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