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January 21, 2011


Upcoming 2011 —

Online Master Classes in Screenwriting
Taught by yours truly Max Adams:


Character Writing, 03.15.11
High Concept Writing, 03.15.11

Non-Static Writing, 05.17.11
Structural Writing, 05.17.11

Character Writing, 07.19.11
Visual Writing, 07.19.11

High Concept Writing, 09.13.11
The Art of the Pitch, 09.13.11

Structural Writing, 11.15.11
Non-Static Writing, 11.15.11


•For more info on upcoming classes, visit :::afw courses:::
•For registration info contact Max via :::afw contact:::


•As of January 2011 AFW online courses are accepted accredited University of Utah courses. For info on course credit, contact Paula Lee in the Film & Media Arts Department via paula.lee @ utah.edu


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