one more time for the slow kids

December 5, 2010


CelluloidBlonde [you are here] is the personal blog of screenwriter Max Adams:



*if you are here to read about 20th Century Fox and PJ McIlvaine, that is here –> :::pj mcilvaine & goliath:::

*tragically, i find it unlikely any press members posting stories that say [inaccurately] this is PJ’s website actually click the links they reprint so odds are they will not see this but it is tiresome to see my blog repeatedly referred to as someone else’s website



3 Responses to “one more time for the slow kids”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Judi Chesley, max adams. max adams said: one more time for the slow kids « celluloid blonde #film #writing […]

  2. Kym Kemp said

    Max, I loved watching this! Yay for you. You’ve done well!

  3. max said

    Aw, thanks, Miss. Smooch!

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