September 18, 2010


There is a problem when a comment about a social media marketing site gets more play than a hot date essay contest post does — what are you people all snorting salt peter? Hosers!

Let’s try this again — and this time try not be lamaoids. Show a little passion for feck’s sake you are supposed to be writers.

And Now For a Competition of Another Kind


Ooh la la —

It is a competition of another kind. It is the Plus One Competition. Yay!

This is not my fault. It was Donna’s idea. Really. I was saying on FB that it is tragic I have this plus one to the Nicholl Fellowships Awards Banquet and all my single guy friends have gone and gotten themselves married off so now what do I do? And Donna said, Oh it is obvious essay contest! Yay! And the “WHY I WOULD BE YOUR BEST DATE FOR THE 2010 NICHOLL FELLOWSHIPS IN SCREENWRITING AWARDS AND BANQUET” essay contest was born.


Enter at your own peril.


*note, no entry fee is required this is a not for profit competition


where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle


11 Responses to “hosers!”

  1. Watch this space – tomorrow, hopefully. Thursday & Friday our website – http://thepoliticalcarnival.net – was down (server issues) and then, as soon as it came back up, it was hijacked – probably by RWNJs – we’re tracing the problem. Today (Saturday) was an photo shoot in rural Mississippi so time’s been tight. Sunday, so far, is clear and I’ve made a lot of notes.

  2. max said

    You are commenting on a political site in my hot date essay contest topic? Seriously?

  3. I wasn’t commenting on the site itself at all. You’d wondered why I hadn’t gotten back with my hot date essay. I’m the webmaster for that site and it was a major, time-consuming hassle to fix, two days worth. Since there are only so many hours in the day and yesterday was a photo shoot, there went another writing day. Go ahead and delete it.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by max adams, Christie LeBlanc. Christie LeBlanc said: Win a date with a really hot screenwriter to the Nicholl Awards Banquet http://t.co/g2XoTfk (I would so win this if I had a penis) […]

  5. Don said

    This is an amazing opportunity for some lucky guy and I envy the winner — hobnobbing with Hollywood types, swilling free booze, and dining elbow to elbow with a fetching gal would be fantabulous way to spend a Saturday night. Photos later, please.

  6. max said

    Lucian — I do not remember this wondering. Did I contact you personally in my sleep or something? Also please do not tell me what to do with posts you are not the boss of me sheesh.

    Don you are sweet. Smooch!

    Christie, “I would so win this if I had a penis” cracks me up.

  7. Sorry, Max – we don’t seem to be communicating about this. I’ll try to explain it from my standpoint.

    You announced the essay contest on, unless I’m mistaken, Wednesday evening. I responded immediately because I think it’s a great idea.

    I made notes for the essay and intended to write it on Thursday but, as I’ve explained, could not get to it for several reasons, including problems with the site I maintain.

    It’s natural for me to be specific rather than general so I mentioned the problem site and put up a link – that’s what I do dozens of times a day as a web designer.

    I was not trying to inject politics into the thread, only explaining why I personally had not yet gotten to the essay.

    Then, when you wrote your comment about their being

    “a problem when a comment about a social media marketing site gets more play than a hot date essay contest post does” ,

    I would characterize that as ‘wondering’ why that was the case, so I thought I’d explain why *I* hadn’t gotten to it – i.e., that it was not because of lack of interest, only lack of time to focus on it.

    As far as the last part when I wrote ‘go ahead and delete it’ my apologies once more if you construed that as ‘telling’ you what to do with the post.

    All I was saying was that it was never my intention to hijack your thread with a political post and that, if it disturbed/disturbs you and/or you feel that *was* my intention, *please* go ahead and delete it.

  8. max said

    This supposed to be fun, Lucian. It is not a job ticket. Take a deep breath. Have a frosty beverage.

  9. I will do that. It’s already way past beer thirty here.

  10. James Patrick Joyce said

    Hey, wait…


    As a Canadian, I am very angry with your use of a stereotypical Canadian slur. Why I… I… I have half a mind to smoke a joint, drink some beer, and forgive you.

    Damn it. It’s hard staying angry, when you’re Canadian.

  11. max said

    Okay you are encouraging problematic entrants. Stop that.

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