max the mastiff puppy

August 2, 2010


My strongest —

Memory today is a dog on the corner. A puppy. A Mastiff puppy. All gold with black ears. Leaning up against a woman’s leg getting his ears scratched. I am walking down the sidewalk, coming from the store, approaching them. So the dog comes in in small pieces. Beautiful, and growing. A man and woman are with the fabulous dog. Waiting to cross at the cross light. I reach the corner. They are going left. I am going straight. I say, That is a fabulous dog. He knows I am talking about him and is fascinated. The couple the Mastiff puppy is with say thanks. The light changes. They call his name. It is Max.


where the art work comes from :
that is from tomesphotos


6 Responses to “max the mastiff puppy”

  1. Fate. There you go!

  2. max said

    Maybe. All I have to do is go to a dog park to know how many dogs are named Max though.

  3. Tehranchik said

    Brought wonderful images to my mind Max.

  4. max said

    That puppy was fabulous. Big beautiful puppy. Yay!

  5. lydiabrad said

    And he has your eyes!

  6. max said

    Best observation of the day. [smile]

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