deadline : may 28th

May 20, 2010


I am teaching —

A class for PASIC for novelists wishing to adapt their work for the screen. This is an accelerated overview of screenwriting geared towards writers already proficient in their craft who wish to learn about the transition from prose writing to screenwriting. The class is the deal of the century too, $20 for PASIC members, $30 for non-members, and that is about $350 cheaper than any other class of mine you can get into so if you have ever been curious about a Max class, I would jump on that if I were you. Deadline for registration is May 28th.

Presenter: Max Adams

June 1 thru June 30

An online accelerated overview of screenwriting brought to you by Max Adams & PASIC.

Cost: $20.00 PASIC members | $30.00 non-members
Deadline to Register: May 28, 2010

For more info and sign up details visit :::PASIC:::



2 Responses to “deadline : may 28th”

  1. Why so cheap? This is a total steal. I just started teaching via Skype and it’s very satisfying to watch the money come in. You being subsidized, or did they work on your guilt impulse?

  2. max said

    A friend runs it and asked me to do it and this is what they charge for their gigs.

    I am real curious about your teaching experiences with skype. Do you do video with that or straight text? Online streaming video seminars are picking up a lot of steam from what I hear.

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