forbidden beauty

April 11, 2010


These images are quite beautiful. They are censored clips from 1920’s films.



*discovered via @sparklhayter & @ebertchicago


5 Responses to “forbidden beauty”

  1. Faig M said

    What with the Sharon Stone c-flash in Basic Instinct, the movie industry only has to lift the “explicit sexual intercourse imagery” ban to erase the boundary between the no-c/d and c/d-allowed movies, hasn’t it?

  2. max said

    Well no. Filmmakers often have to remove a lot of footage to make it in under ratings lines and the male body is still not showing up much on film at all.

  3. Shelly said

    I love the shoe slipping off. How erotic!

  4. max said

    Who knew feet were so on the censors’ list?

  5. Kitty said

    The shoes and feet under the table. So brilliant.

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