letters from the ethos : wilderness wednesday

February 24, 2010


Dear Blonde Assassin —

What is the correct way for an assassin to don her bra?

Yours in Curiosity,

Lingerie Loretta



Dear Lingerie Loretta :

I am so glad you asked. Linjitsu is a highly overlooked art. Fortunately for you and I there is a training clip yay! :

:::bra linjitsu:::

Love and Kisses,

The Blonde Assassin



You too can write the blonde assassin
Send email to :
blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com



where the art work comes from :
that is stamped mail by drewish



3 Responses to “letters from the ethos : wilderness wednesday”

  1. ejalvey said

    Heh. That’s f’in awesome. Which brings to mind:


    Because some of us what to be in style, even during the end of the world.

  2. max said

    That is very fun.

  3. ejalvey said

    I think “want” rather than “what” (damn Tequila, anyway.)

    It is fun, and sporty!

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