script consults

February 15, 2010


photo_shootI am —

Doing :::script consults::: now through March. After March, things get spotty because I will be reading for Nicholl. That does not leave a lot of free time for individual consults.


:::script consults:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from sherry


2 Responses to “script consults”

  1. Faig M said

    Ah, so, I move quickly enough, you’ll also be reading my submission, eh? That’s kinda inspiring…

  2. max said

    Do you mean as a consultant or as a reader for Nicholl? As a reader for Nicholl I cannot read/judge a submission made by you to the competition. You are a former student. If a script comes to me and I recognize the material or the author I recuse myself and the material passes to a different reader who can be completely impartial in the read.

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