the places i come from : part i

January 10, 2010


goth_back.pngI told someone once —

He had to be more there or not there at all just go away because the way I grew up, I never knew if anyone was coming back for me after they dropped me off.

What I maybe left out was, you could not count on the ground or buildings still being there either.


::: to be continued :::


where the art work comes from :
i can tell you where i found the image
there is a small problem with deciphering


4 Responses to “the places i come from : part i”

  1. Kim said

    powerful intro. i’m already visualizing and weaving a story on my own…

    Do tell more!

  2. pooks said

    Your tags are equally entrancing. Wondering where it’s going…

  3. Kitty said

    My mom left me at the babysitter for a week once. Didn’t say when she’d come back or where she was going. there was a busy street in front of that house and every time a black oldsmobile would pass, I’d claw at the door to get out, thinking it was my mother.

    I’m still mad at her for that shit. LOL.

  4. max said

    I wish we could stop being mad at that stuff.

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