2010 yay!

January 1, 2010



Okay my ass is not going to look that good for at least three more months [or possibly ever god damn injuries do you know how hard it hurts working back from those ahhh!] but I thought it was a fun photo for the new year. Happy New Year! Yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from stefano corso


6 Responses to “2010 yay!”

  1. carpeviam said

    Nice gams, too. I’d love to have someone spend hours photoshopping my ass. ;)

    PS-New reader. Your blog kicks ass. No pun intended.

  2. max said

    You and me both. Welcome to here carpeviam and thanks.

  3. sulya said

    Happy New Year to you too max!

  4. That picture almost made me feel bad that I hate a ton of Christmas Candy at my friends house…ALMOST…

  5. max said

    Happy New Year Sulya nice to see your smiling pixels.

    Anita, I am suspicious, are you sure that was not old Halloween candy being passed out in December?

  6. Nah I’m not suspicious.
    The ghosts and witches on the wrappers make it sort of obvious-

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