new year ahoy

December 26, 2009


Dear 2009 :

You sucked.

Six days till 2010.

Come on 2010.



where the art work comes from :
that is hotel paradiso 2 by britcat100


5 Responses to “new year ahoy”

  1. I’m trying to NOT slam the old years as they go out.
    I figure that’s why the new ones treat me like the bastard child at family reunion when they show up.

    The old years are putting them up to it.

    I’ll let you know if it works.

  2. max said

    Oh my attitude is different. I think I have spent way too much time getting slammed around because I was quiet and polite so screw that, no more polite, I am going to yell and maybe that will make future years fearful where past years thought they could just get away with whatever the hell they wanted. No more 2009’s or someone is getting socked in the eye.

  3. You’re way is looking like a better deal.

  4. sorry that’s your way…hmmm, could that be 2009 taking a few cheap shots?!

  5. max said

    2009 had its way with me. 2010? I do not think so. :::grrrr:::

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