return to max saves ginny’s marriage

November 11, 2009


Ginny has this —

Hot new arborist. According to Ginny, he is hot in an “I fix shit and I’m strong and the wattage of my smile powers small nations” way.


You know that just spells trouble and is clearly a danger to Ginny’s vows. She cannot have some hot arborist trotting around her yard doing manly things she could succumb any second but fortunately for Ginny she has me and I am just throwing myself on my sword here Ginny next time the hot arborist is over just wave a cross and chloroform around until temptation and he collapse then stuff him in a box and ship him to my address.

Whew! Marriage saved.


[Speaking of romance which we were not but now I am go read this essay at Eclectic Garden it makes me want to be another woman in another place.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from serendipity came across


7 Responses to “return to max saves ginny’s marriage”

  1. davis said

    at least you’re sure people will find your blog when anybody should happen to search for “hot arborist”

  2. Ginny said

    Just when I think I can put him behind me…there you are, ripping the scab off.

    God damn you, Max ;)

  3. splicedt said

    I’ve not known so noble a friend as you.

    Say. On a totally unrelated topic, what think thee of Zoetrope?

  4. max said

    Oh I dunno Davis, it is such a common search term.

    Ginny, oops.

    Spliced, what do you want to know about Zoetrope? I teach classes that are Zoetrope/Gotham classes but I don’t spend a lot of time on the Zoetrope site outside that.

  5. splicedt said

    Reputation, status, that sort of thing. I entered a short story this fall. I’m trying to get a novel published. I’m also considering converting it to a screenplay. It would work well, I think.

    I was just wondering if Zoetrope is a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

  6. max said

    Splice, Zoetrope is huge and has a lot of arms that do a lot of different things. So I still do not know what you are asking about. I probably wouldn’t have an answer for you though. I teach for Zoetrope from time to time and that is about the extent of my personal involvement with and knowledge of Zoetrope.

  7. splicedt said

    Well, I imagine you would not teach for them if you did not at least consider the founding principle and operations to have at least some degree of integrity.

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