the day after the festivities

November 4, 2009






7 Responses to “the day after the festivities”

  1. Stiletto said

    Bella! But honestly, I like the shot better in color. May I post it in color on my blog?

  2. Stiletto said

    Reasoning – the black and white does not do justice to showcasing your incredible mouth!

  3. max said

    You are funny. Yes you can do it in color. I like the lines and think they come out better in b&w also I blurred the background people out but you can take it out in color if you want — I am so weak when people compliment my mouth.

  4. Stiletto said

    I went ahead and stole your pic.

  5. max said

    That is funny, you took the pic, I have to go find out what you mean by stole it funny girl.

  6. You look very cheerfully abandoned on the side of the road.

  7. Stiletto said

    “Cheerfully abandoned.”

    Something I often prayed for during childhood.

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