halloween frenzy

October 31, 2009


dog_ojoyousAttention —

The rest of the weekend will be spent Halloween carousing. If I am not back by Monday send the Saint Bernards. That is all.


[okay that is not a saint bernard but it is a very cute dog and i just like the photo]


where the art work comes from :
that is from ojoyous1


6 Responses to “halloween frenzy”

  1. leia said

    It’s Monday and the St. Bernards are restless. :)

    Rescue dogs aside, I’ve been wondering why your tweets haven’t come up on my timeline and lo and behold, it looks like your last one was four or five days ago!?

    Have you flounced Twitter?? I hope not. I always like following the links to your blog (and elsewhere, i.e. RTs, articles, etc. – i.e. the treatise on gourds (and fall) was F-ING HILARIOUS!)

  2. max said

    Hey. Back. Mildly damaged but I am sure I will recover.

    LOL — I have not flounced twitter I just needed some down time but I will be back. It is nice to be missed [smile].

  3. G Eagle Esq said

    “…. send the Saint Bernards … ”

    My Lady

    Is this some Kind of Kalifornian Code for :


    Your obedient servant etc

    G E

  4. Ginny said

    Just had to check the comments because it is, after all, past Monday. I mean, I ASSUMED I would have seen something on CNN if things had gone wrong, but you never know.

  5. max said

    Well, large rescue dogs and brandy, Eagle.

    Ginny, CNN? LOL — I am not sure I would make that big a splash but you never know. All is well just playing catch up now.

  6. max said

    [btw, there are halloween photos this year not sure when they are going up but there are photos ooh la la]

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