those pesky immigrants

October 6, 2009


horses france iiWe need —

To stop telling other governments how to rule their people. I mean, this seems like a really stupid policy to me when we could just say, Hey, if your government sucks, come over here.

Oh, wait. We hate immigrants. They are so freaking expensive.


I thought so.

Also, no American soldiers die when you take in an immigrant.

A whole lot of American soldiers die when you occupy another country for nine years.



13 Responses to “those pesky immigrants”

  1. max said

    In case it is not clear in the post, this might not be the place to post an anti-immigration diatribe.

  2. Kym said

    Yay! Open the borders! (Just think how much money we could save if we didn’t have to patrol those pesky fences.)

  3. max said

    Well also, while everyone is carrying on about those evil illegal immigrants like they are just living the high life here on the backs of hard working Americans nobody seems to be mentioning many illegal “immigrants” are literally slaves courtesy of the booming US human trafficking trade.

  4. indiequick said

    get rid of those immigrants. I know it’s cliche’ – but who’s going to do the work that they do?

    of course they’re legal slaves. we’ll never call them that, but they are. no one else is going to do that work, that they do. – when we abolished slavery the first time – isn’t that about the time we learned how to build tools – so we wouldn’t have to actually work?

    it’s time for a revolution, but someone has got to pull the trigger. us vs. them? I dunno.

  5. Rob said

    Anti-immigrant hysteria is cyclical. It tends to peak during the periods of secular crisis that William Strauss and Neil Howe refer to as Fourth Turnings.

  6. max said

    So Rob, just how did you come to here?

  7. Rob said

    I was researching the police riot in Pittsburgh during the G20 summit and followed a link to the post you made collecting YouTube videos of the incident. I got interested in the discussion going on in the comments and decided to chime in. Then I started perusing the rest of your blog.

  8. max said

    Indie, when I said slave that was not metaphoric. I mean people literally being purchased and owned property.

  9. michele said

    This country is all about immigrants. The Statue of Liberty?

    The anti-immigration folks are so unpatriotic.

  10. splicedt said

    I read a really good article about the fact that there are more slaves now than a few hundred years ago when America had sanctioned slavery, and today’s slaves are women and girls. It is a worldwide phenomenon and though nothing new, includes the US. Children and women are sold into slavery and the market is driven by sex and servitude.

    One thing I don’t understand is why people who want us out of Afghanistan are not upset by the fact that at the last election the Taliban cut the fingers off of women who voted. Women are complete slaves in that country. Many young girls who are married off to older men set themselves on fire rather than live the life set before them.

  11. max said

    I haven’t heard anyone say we are there to over throw gender discrimination. Thirty Senators just voted pro gang rape in the Senate too so I am not expecting to hear that either: :::pro rape senators:::

    If U.S. contractors are doing that to U.S. women in Afghanistan and thirty members of the Senate do not want to stop it, I am afraid to think about what kind of things U.S. contractors are doing to local women.

  12. splicedt said

    Yay Al Franken. Thanks for the link.

    Well, actually Bush said one of the reasons we were in Afghanistan was to help oppressed women, but that was Bush…and well…Bush and all.

    Maybe that is the reason we should be over there, and the other reasons just aren’t as important.

    As for US Senators–ever hear of C Street?

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