maher & weiner

September 13, 2009


This is an excellent interview between Bill Maher and Anthony Weiner I wish I could upload it in full but [tragedy!] I have it in two parts so you too get it in two parts:

[Update 09.15.09, wow I hate when they do this, these links are down, I must hunt up another link but meantime you can go catch other Weiner interviews.]




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In other news, bad things are happening in Washington but you can help by supporting the Blues who are holding strong in Congress against any form of bill that tries to exclude the public option — the last vestige of doing something positive left in the weak ass excuse for health care reform going down right now and probably the last way to stop a bad bill from passing that shoves thirty million people into the insurance industry pocket by mandate [dear Prez Obama wtf?].

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10 Responses to “maher & weiner”

  1. ashleyfmiller said

    Over the course of the health care debate, Anthony Weiner has become my favorite politician. He’s just the only one who seems to be speaking from a position of moral authority rather than political BS.

    But then, I’m (originally) from South Carolina and, well, our politicians… yeah.

  2. max said

    Hey I will not hold your politicians against you if you do not hold mine against me. I am momentarily stuck with some real problematic politicians in CA.

  3. leia said

    I saw Weiner on K.O. tonight. He sounds like Obama did a year ago. (sincere)

  4. max said

    Weiner has been in public office for a while now, working to achieve things, and has never wavered in his fights and what he is trying to achieve. I have watched clips of him dressing down Congress and he is flat out scathing when he is pushing people to do the right thing. Obama, in contrast, spent very little time in office before hitting the campaign trail, is very much about compromise, does not appear capable of coming up with his own ideas, let alone fighting for them or leading, and was trying to get elected last year whereas Weiner is not on a campaign trail here and is risking a good deal, speaking out against what the presidency and insurance lobbies are trying to pass off as health care reform.

  5. max said

    This is my favorite clip of Weiner blasting health care reform critics in Congress:

  6. leia said

    I watched it. And I am encouraged. Plus, I found this:

    and I am impressed. I do not trust politicians (even less so now) and although I am terribly apathetic I still have a modicum of hope that there are decent people out there who went into politics for the right reasons versus the power/prestige grab.

    My husband has a very rare disease – 5.5 cases per million people and thankfully, he is in remission but at the height of his illness (and during a 34 day hospital stay) his only hope for survival was a 5-day round of IVIG infusions. At $10,000 per day (per IV bag) I was scared to death that the insurance company wouldn’t approve the treatment in time and/or that they would drop him (us) from their coverage.

    This is just one reason why I am so angry at Obama. The election came exactly one year after my husband’s illness and I allowed myself to be sucked in by his rhetoric (sales job). Now, I feel duped.

    I will not get wrapped up in who owes who an apology or whether or not Glenn Buck is a lying liar who lies. I don’t care how many teabaggers showed up in D.C. or in Anytown, USA. ALL of that is a distraction (in my opinion).

    Furthermore, the far right is giving the Blue Dogs and Obama just what they really want and need – a REASON to cave, which means they can still please and provide for their REAL constituents (big business).

    I cannot jump on another politician’s bandwagon again without doing some real research but these videos are a good start. Thanks for posting them and thanks for the rant time on your blog.

  7. max said

    Thanks for looking at Weiner. I am appalled by how quickly Obama went straight to the aid of Big Pharma and appalled at the con job that is going on right now in the health care debate and politicians trying to shove the American people further into the coffers of an out of control corrupt insurance industry — and they’re going to try to pass it off as a win? WTF?

    I am very glad your husband got his care and is doing well though. Way too often that is not the story or outcome. Hugs.

  8. leia said

    Yes, he is one of the fortunate ones. He had a relapse soon after the initial illness but IVIG pulled him out of that one as well (but not until he had gotten down to 150 pounds and could barely swallow anything – this because he had to wait for the insurance approval). I cannot imagine what it would have been like had there been a longer delay.

    Around the same time there was a great deal of publicity about a Los Angeles area college student (Nataline Sarkisian) who died while waiting for C*gna to approve a liver transplant. If you heard about it you might remember what the father said: “I cannot believe this could happen in America.”

    Although I am encouraged by the pre-existing condition clause in Baucus’ plan I remain skeptical when former insurance executives proclaim that health care reform is “a bonanza*” for the industry.

    On another note, thanks for tweeting the link about the “crawl and archive” plan for social networking sites. (Orwellian) Change is not something I can believe in.

  9. leia said

    *reference link for bonanza comment – –

  10. max said

    Good reference.

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