the chesher files

September 1, 2009



max grabs a smoke @ lacy’s wedding party
photo by friend deborah chesher
*little worried about that dead thing



where that photo comes from :
phtographer deborah chesher

7 Responses to “the chesher files”

  1. Stiletto said

    That’s you? Striking! I thought it was some famous actress whose name would have eventually registered in my head.

  2. Stiletto said

    [Also you are smoking you are so not worried about that “dead thing.”]

  3. max said

    “[Also you are smoking you are so not worried about that “dead thing.”]”

    LOL — Deborah’s book’s title is “Everyone I Shot is Dead,” so, you know, now she has shot me….

    You have seen me dressed up, we went to sushi that time — okay not in a dress but still. Oh, and I have not figured out what to do with the hair so it just keeps growing.

  4. Stiletto said

    Let it grow. It’s quite fetching.

  5. max said

    Aw, thanks Miss. It is kind of bizarre though I have not had hair this long in a long time it is kind of bomb shell and weird.

  6. Kitten V said

    It is bombshell but it is not weird. This photo is fantastic – was it posed? Or did she just sneak up and snap you? Either way, this is a Facebook worthy photo. I expect to see it very soon! [Plus I want to show LK, he will appreciate this photo, oh I’m lying I just want you to put it on Facebook, I can send him your link here.]

    [Also this has totally upped the game. Now when I get to eventually take pics of you I will so attempt to top this!]

  7. max said

    Deborah hates it when people pose, she just snaps you when you are not looking. That is on FB, it is a wall photo now.

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