40 to go…

June 24, 2009



420 votes in.

40 to go.

[It takes 60 seconds to view and VOTE]


You can follow vote scores on twitter here.



*do not forget to respond to vote confirmation email you have to answer that email for votes to be counted


where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

facebook group :
vote for max!


5 Responses to “40 to go…”

  1. Kym said

    I’m seriously considering signing up for more email addresses. But my puritan conscience is pricking me.

  2. max said

    Screw that at least two out of every ten votes and maybe three did not even get counted because of some weird email origin filter go for it.

  3. max said

    Votes are up to 433 btw, so 27 to go to make the first cut.

  4. max said

    Votes: 436 | 24 to go…

  5. Kym said

    I got my sons to vote.

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