now i’ve done it

June 17, 2009


celebrate_classNow I’ve done it —

I applied for this job : :::this job:::

This required making a mini movie and sending it in. Which of course is kind of tricky since I do not own a movie camera or know how to do anything in i-movies and also just heard about this whole scenario a couple days ago and the deadline is Thursday. But —

This sounded like a very cool opportunity [hanging and working at a winery SO works for me] so I pulled out i-movies and LEARNED how to use i-movies and [because it was necessary too ahhh!] garage band and some other i-movie thingamajigs [and do not think that did not involve serious cursing] and —

Made a mini-movie.

[It probably would have been way better if I had any damn experience with the program and given more time I would have done some additional nifty things but in the end I was happy enough with it I sent it in.]

Wish me luck. I will post a link if they upload the movie. You all are going to vote for me right?


*i sure hope murphy-goode is a real winery and not some bizarro internet scam i probably should have checked that out first um oops


*btw i am insanely proud of the sound track in the mini-movie i am not a musician and have never tried to assemble music from scratch before that was completely unsane and hard for me and it is a little rocky but it works dammit



31 Responses to “now i’ve done it”

  1. Davis said

    Definitely. Sometimes that “primitive” touch can be just what they’re looking for.

  2. max said

    Thanks Davis.

  3. Dijana said

    Well,good luck with everything!It must be very exciting :)

  4. max said

    Thanks Miss.

  5. David said

    Best of luck, Max. Definitely, a great story will come from the experience.

  6. max said

    Thank you David. Smooch!

  7. forkboy1965 said

    Break a leg!

  8. sandysays1 said

    Max, you’ll do well. Your wit and guts are apparent. In canine-ese, I sure wouldn’t bet against you in a fight for a bone. Good luck chick. Visit me at

  9. max said

    Fork I take back everything I said about you in that interview.

    Sandy, wow, what a beautiful Golden.

  10. Jordan said

    She seems to have a primitive touch, yeah! She reaches in and slowly tears you apart. She seems to have a primitive touch, oh oh oh!

  11. max said

    Wow, Jordan, you are singing?

  12. Dan said

    Good luck on the job .. If ya get I look forward to updates from the fields.

  13. CJ said

    The way I look at it, anyone who’s done what you’ve done can certain do what you did. Table legs. People legs. Chair legs. Lots of legs. Very Warhol…or ZZ Top. I want more (not legs). “Merlot in the Rue Morgue”, perhaps?

  14. Nancy said

    Winery? Did someone say winery?

    I am voting for you!

  15. Kitty said

    Yay, iMovie! I’d love to see the video and of course I’d vote for yours (I’ll even put a link on my blog and get others to vote).

  16. christopher said

    Comment: Vote for Max!

  17. Lucia said

    May the force be with you. :-)

  18. Woeful said

    You know it. Best wishes Max!

  19. max said

    Thanks guys.

  20. Debra said

    You’re the best, Max. Good luck!

  21. pooks said

    I’m looking for it, and found a Maxine and a Maxwell but no Max, but I’m still looking….


  22. pooks said

    Okay, so reading comprehension is my friend, and I now see that they haven’t uploaded it yet, but seriously, what are they waiting on? I watched a bunch of those and damn, they need you, Max. Plus, I want to see your vid!

  23. Yay for Max.
    Just getting ready for it.

  24. max said

    Yay! You are good friends. They say it can take up to 48 hours to post the videos sooner would be nice though.

  25. toni said

    Yay, max! Fingers crossed…

  26. max said

    Thanks Toni. Smooch!

  27. pooks said

    And I did!

    (You’re right–your music rocks. Garage band scares me.)

  28. […] is for THE JOB. You know, the cool job where I get to be writer in residence at a […]

  29. max said

    By the way, everyone, votes do not get counted unless you answer the confirmation email.

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