the other side of the coin

June 9, 2009


meercats_250I bitch —

A lot about things gone wrong in scripts I read for Nicholl. Bad brads. Bad action. “Etcetera.” WAY too many Dead Elvis jokes —

There is another side to this too though. Sometimes things go really right in Nicholl scripts.

The thing about that is though, Nicholl reading requires a certain amount of confidentiality. So —

When I am bitching and complaining about something gone tragically wrong Nicholl, I cannot actually say, “This just happened.” I have to make something up that is close — but not identifiable.

And. When something goes really really right? I also cannot say, Hey I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Well, okay I can say that. I just cannot tell you what it is.


I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Wish I could tell you what it is.


where that image comes from :
the full size image is here on celluloidblonde

But —

the original photo source is :
aj’s white eleven site here

6 Responses to “the other side of the coin”

  1. Kym said

    I would think it would be hard to get attached to a script–think someone has written something really good and then, what if it didn’t advance to the finals.

  2. max said

    When that happens it is disappointing. But sometimes, one of the scripts you are pulling for wins, and that always rocks.

  3. michele said

    I thought you weren’t allowed to read our scripts?

  4. max said

    Oh if I could read your scripts something good would be happening every day.

  5. michele said

    Aw, thanks. We couldn’t do it without you.

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