chinese chicken

May 19, 2009


chinese_chickenThis is so wrong.

Yet still I post it.

[Psst, turn on your sound.]

:::chinese chicken:::


[ps : stiletto sent that to me she and i are still cracking up way too hard]


7 Responses to “chinese chicken”

  1. that was fun, i’m going to eat my breakfast now.

  2. max said

    This would never work on your cats they would box you blind and then rearrange the furniture for sport and pleasure so I am not worried for them

  3. Too true too true

  4. Stiletto said

    The Old Man loved it so much he said that when gets home tonight he is playing it again! It definitely cheers you up when you’re feeling blue!

  5. max said

    It is totally fabulous.

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  7. forkboy1965 said

    I guess with nine cats I should be opening up a Chinese restaurant…

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