max does radio — well sort of

April 6, 2009


radioSay I am doing —

An interview with the guys at Screenwriter’s Utopia on Wednesday April 8th at 6 pm PST if anyone wants to check in.

Bill Martell will also be visiting the show Bill is fab.


:::max does radio:::
:::max did radio:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from south girl

9 Responses to “max does radio — well sort of”

  1. So I’ll finding get to hear to the voice of the mysterious Max Adams. Intriguing.

  2. max said

    Yes. No doubt you will be overwhelmed by my melodious inflections and haul down here to ravish me.

  3. chris said

    break a leg, max!

  4. Kym said

    I’ve got it marked. I’m going to try to get back from town in order to listen.!

  5. max said

    Thanks. If you do not get back in time Kym they podcast it so you can still listen.

  6. Stiletto said

    Oh, your fans listening to the show would be jealous if they knew I could just dial you directly to hear your voice!

  7. Stiletto said

    Pssst. Break a leg!

    (Oh. Wait. I do not want to be held responsible if anything happens to that pretty leg of yours).

    Ok. Good luck! Knock ’em dead!

    (Oh. Wait…)

  8. max said

    Thanks Miss. Smooch!

  9. […] :::max does radio::: :::max did […]

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