birthday month yay!

February 1, 2009


mardi_gras_mask_iiiIt is birthday month.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


According to my truly spiffy birthday book [which is a gift from Gotham I picked up on the Christmas gift card they sent me thank you Alex and Dana and Joel and all you Gotham peeps] my birthday “is a holy day sacred to Diana, the Roman moon goddess, patroness of the hunt and guardian of the forest near Aricia, where her sacred grove stood. Diana is also known as the Lady of the Beasts.”

[Lady of the Beasts so works for me.]

[You beasts know who you are.]


*that is from what your birthday reveals about you by phyllis vega it is very cool



16 Responses to “birthday month yay!”

  1. Dan said


    I’ve always been a fan of Diana.

  2. max said

    That is lovely. I am happy for you and Diana.

    Shouldn’t you be wishing ME happy birthday?

    [Guys. So so dumb.]

  3. Kym said

    I don’t want to burst your birthday bubble too hard but wasn’t Diana the VIRGIN goddess.

  4. michele said

    Happy birthday, Max.

    I just looked at that book – it looks really cool, and pretty right on the money (I checked my b-day).

  5. Happy birthday!

    Mine was Friday. The closeness of our birthdays must mean something…….

  6. Lucia said

    Happy Birthday month, Max. (Wishing you to have something to celebrate everyday in Feb.)

  7. pooks said

    Wow, love the mask, love the birthday lore. Now I need to find that book.

  8. max said

    Kym, just what are you trying to say there?

  9. Kym said

    mmm, Chastity belts maybe. Lifelong Chastity, nah. Max is too smart for that.

    (Note the clever retreat into Max’s intelligence rather than focusing on Max’s tarty attempts to steal Jayne.)

  10. max said


    Why I oughta….

  11. Dan said

    I’m just playing hard to get.

    Silly, Max.

  12. max said

    How’s that working out for you?

  13. Dan said

    Well, I’ll probably die alone…so seems to be working pretty well so far.

    Happy Birthday! (How was that for a segue?)

  14. max said

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nice segue.

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