me and my band

January 25, 2009


je_suis_mortI am —

Standing outside a bar having a smoke. A man who is a total stranger to me walks up to me and tells me I should not smoke. [I do not know why total strangers think it is okay to tell me what to do.] I say, Oh it is a job requirement I am in a band called Black Lung. He perks up. He says, Really? You are in a band? Where do you play?


[People are SO dumb.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from bastatas

11 Responses to “me and my band”

  1. Marcus said

    The Black Lung Darkcore Band.



  2. Kym said

    You and Loretta Lynn—you coal miner’s daughter.

  3. Ginny said

    I am eagerly anticipating your tour. I can picture it now: you and your band, getting tickets from angry by-law officers all over North America, for smoking indoors.

  4. michele said

    Great comeback, Max. I may use that one sometime, lol.

  5. max said

    I hope it works better for you than it did on him. He was all perky ready to talk music and stuff. Also you should have seen the person get all commiserate when I said yeah, my grandfather died of lung cancer — he was 102. Zoom! Right over their head. [I am so wasted on annoying people who harrang smokers I wonder if there is an I.Q. link.]

  6. Tell him you only play in oncology wards, as a condition of your parole.

  7. michele said

    Good god, all you want to do is get rid of these guys and they are too dumb to know it.

  8. Admore said

    Yeah there’s no way to really have any fun if they’re too dense to notice. I have a friend who always acts like its the first time he’s heard smoking is bad when people tell him that. Not in an over the top way, but like if I said to you there was a recent study that proves eating avocados cures depression.

  9. max said

    Rain one day you and I really have to hang out.

    Michele, and I wonder why I do not have a boyfriend. [wink]

    Ad, they do not go away when you do that they stick around trying to be informative.

  10. […] get harassed everywhere I go about smoking. I cannot smoke inside. So I smoke outside. This gives freak strangers some kind of sociopathic imperitive to come up and harass me about my smokes. Which I put up with. […]

  11. […] it would be funner if i used my band name — also i liked that second photo a LOT so got crazy and did it […]

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