the dichotomy of being me

December 9, 2008



I love minimal lines and spaces and yet am cursed with a need for massive bedding. So I look at all these beautiful bedrooms and homes and most of my life is very much like that very streamlined. But not the bedroom.

One thing the fancy pretty streamlined minimalist bedrooms all have in common is a little flat mattress and just sheets and two clean pillows.

My bed?

A regular bed plus a feather mattress plus a mattress warmer plus two down comforters plus eight feather pillows.

Seriously. I could probably be a book cover for The Princess and the Pea.

That is not minimalist.

That is not streamlined.

That is not aesthetic.

That is not feng shui!


*i am also the woman who had to have all white furniture with two dogs and when that was not enough challenge went for white berber carpet with two dogs too


where the art work comes from :
that is from eugenio recuenco


10 Responses to “the dichotomy of being me”

  1. Kitty said

    I love, love love that graphic Max.

    My dream is to have a streamlined house and life. Once these kids are out of my house, I’m going to get rid of a lot of stuff. Maybe all of it and just walk the earth.

  2. michele said

    That bed sounds divine, though. I have always wanted a feather mattress.

  3. max said

    I love that graphic too.

    It is not a whole mattress it is more like a topper it is pretty great though.

  4. Stiletto said

    Sometimes desire overpowers practicality.

    I have been in your bed, albeit for a brief moment.

    It’s like a little piece of heaven on earth.

  5. toni said

    That bed *sounds* like heaven. Form doesn’t matter if the function is what you want.

    Love that graphic, too.

  6. Clutter makes my heard hurt. It’s killing me living with my older son who constantly creates piles of crap in my garage aided by the boyfriend who also thinks my garage is his dump site. I’m at that point of blowing up over it right now.

    Your bed sounds like heaven.

  7. Kym said

    Lush and lite, feathery and minimalist sounds like a wonderfully complicated lady. Like a good lasagna or a fine wine, layers of flavors make personality.

  8. max said

    Oh no TP that would totally make me crazy.

  9. aj said

    At least you’re not tripping over Elmo on your way to get a glass of water in the middle if the night.

  10. max said

    Elmo is your fault. You are over five feet tall. He is one foot tall and cannot tie his shoe laces let alone walk a straight line on his own. If you have Elmo? You brought Elmo.

    Wait not I am afraid of you.

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