October 2, 2008


Say, it is October 2nd.

One month left before the big vote.

If you are not registered to vote, go register. If you have changed addresses, go register. If you have had a name change, go register.

[Are you seeing a pattern here? Yes. Go register.]

In California, you must register fifteen days before the election or no vote for you.

This is a pretty important election.

The clock is ticking.

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17 Responses to “vote”

  1. aj said

    The only prerequisite in your choice of candidate is that he possess a brain. I can only assume that was missing from your previous terms and conditions.

  2. max said

    Tragically, I do not think the founding fathers anticipated someone running for president who did not have a brain so they left that out of the rules. Oops.

  3. max said

    [Also, we really need a sanity clause.]

  4. Woeful said

    This election is the most important election that We will probably ever see in our lifetimes. I urge everyone to register to vote and not to stop there but actually vote! Above and beyond that, I encourage young voters to vote.

    Young adults are tragically underrepresented as voters. This is a VERY sad state of affairs. Guys, you have never had a better opportunity to have a voice in how our government operates than right now. Admittedly, some elections are not as important, but this election is SERIOUS. The outcome of this election will effect you in a very real way, and will effect your children as well.

    Whoever the next President is, he will have the monumental task of putting Humpty back together again… In EVERY way. We are fighting two wars, We are on the verge of a total economic collapse, the basic principles of who We are as Americans are under attack. We need young voters to step up and take responsibility for their future.

    Your votes count! Every vote counts. And if you don’t believe this think that back in 2000 Bush (supposedly) won Florida by only a few hundred votes… That’s a few hundred votes out of 300 million! If that doesn’t liht a fire under your ass nothing will or can.

    Please vote!

  5. Stiletto said

    I am thinking I need to do an absentee vote for Virginia. The Old Man however refuses to show me how since I won’t be voting for his man. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the reminder, as Woeful said, it is imperative we vote this time around.

  6. Stiletto said

    Max, you’re a doll! I’m going to send this to him with a big HA! in bold!

  7. max said


    [Take that, T.O.M.]

  8. max said

    [Is he really voting McCain? I just cannot like anyone who would vote for McCain and Palin.]

  9. Stiletto said

    He’s old so you’ll have to forgive him.

  10. […] Voting — Frontier Former Editor @ 10:11 pm I’ll save you some of my normal ranting; Max’s monograph on the topic was so much better and less bitter than I could […]

  11. michele said

    This is one of the scariest elections to me. Even scarier than 4 years ago.

  12. The Till said

    I just registered for CNN to be able to follow the election’s 3rd act… Some thriller.

  13. max said

    I did not think it could get scarier than four years ago. Wow was I wrong.

  14. sledpress said

    Stiletto — always ask me about political crap like how to absentee vote. I managed the campaign of the craziest shithouse rat ever to run for office in the state of Virginia. You find out everything you needed to know and lots you didn’t want to.

    Arlington is absolutely crazed for you to go down the to courthouse and march up to the Registrar’s office on the third (I think it is) floor and fill out an affidavit saying you are concerned about being absent from your precinct on Voting Day or the like, and they march you right into a sheltered alcove with a voting machine and take your vote then and there.

    No one likes it when the election workers who are all doddering exhausted old farts reach the close of polls hour and still have to deal with 200 people who have presented themselves on time.

  15. Stiletto said

    Thank you, Sled. This is one of election I don’t want to miss and especially in Virginia.

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