bad cheezeburger cat bad

May 4, 2008


Okay I feel bad about that dancing cat thing [not really] so to make it up to you [I so needed an excuse to post this] I bring you an exposé on the cheeseburger cat.


evil empire lolcat


*you did not know the lolcat worked for the empire did you?


where i found that evil empire cat :
i found that at rain’s where else would you find an evil empire cat?

okay, maybe at anita’s too
just not this time

10 Responses to “bad cheezeburger cat bad”

  1. Yeah!
    Death to all who oppose LOL Cats

  2. Kym said

    I suspect that poor flaming fellow was the writer of that blog, “Things White People Like.”

  3. and someone chuckles from the peanut gallery…

  4. JanieBelle said

    Ceiling Cat will F u up.

  5. That’s what happens to me when I have too many cheezburgers.

  6. max said

    Mental Note: Stay away from Rain on Sloppy Joe Day.

  7. Stiletto said

    Wow, it’s like you read Pumpkin’s mind. The Old Man accidentally kicked Pumpkin and I can’t wait to show him what could happen to him if he’s not more careful.

  8. max said

    Oh he is in so much trouble.

  9. […] Is it just me — Or does anyone else think Palin is confusing a Russian head of state with the i can has cheezeburger cat? […]

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