this is not tony roma’s

April 8, 2008


Today is —

A really beautiful day. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. A light breeze is blowing. It is the kind of day I should be out and about saying hello to neighbors’ dogs I am fond of. Picking up strawberries from the Russian store. Getting coffee at my favorite coffee place.

Am I doing any of that?

Oh hell no. I got a report out that needed to go out. I caught up on student assignments. I called in about my tax extension. And I have a cracked rib.

Do not ask me how I cracked this rib —

[I am not telling.]

But cracked ribs really hurt.

I am going to curl up with a movie and close all the blinds and eat ice cream.

Then I will get grouchy and surly and restless and try to do leg lifts.

And the cracked rib will get really mad.

And it will be detanté.

Damn rib.


where the art work comes from :
that is from piece of lace

16 Responses to “this is not tony roma’s”

  1. Kitty said

    Cracked rib?

    Hold on a minute. Check your email.

  2. max said

    Advil is my friend. [wry smile]

  3. Dan said

    Cracked rib? Ouch. Can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure.

    I suggest drugs. And booze. Drugs and booze. Maybe cigarettes, too. But probably not all at the same time.

    That should get you on the mend.

  4. I injured my vastus medialis. If I knew how I’d done it I’d tell you :-)

  5. michele said

    I vote for no leg lifts. Vodka maybe.

  6. Kym said

    I vote for no leg lifts, too!

  7. max said

    Fortunately for me, ice cream has remarkable restorative powers. Whew!

  8. Fritos work for me.

  9. Stiletto said

    Cracked rib?

    Were you trying to make Adam?

    Ok – sorry!

    Max, are you going to reveal at all the mysterious story of this cracked rib??!

  10. Stiletto said

    Oh, I feel your pain. Now I have an excuse for my vodka drinking tonight!

  11. max said

    I am so not telling. They say these take up to eight weeks to heal so I am one week in and figure I have up to seven to go.

    My alcohol consumption is tragically low lately. Come to L.A. and carouse.

  12. Jenice said

    I’m guessing the way you got that cracked rib has an interesting punchline.

  13. max said

    Naw. Injuries with punchlines are worth printing. [wink]

  14. Stiletto said

    Max was playing with animals!

    Ok, what’s his name!

  15. max said

    Hey I am trying to think up a suitably entertaining story here to explain the cracked rib, do not distract me. I was thinking rescuing orphans from a collapsing burning building but I think people are getting wise to the orphans.

  16. […] I have been running hard to stay on top of things that do not want to be stayed on top of because the rib knocked me back a week I never really caught up. A month later I am still playing catch up hard but […]

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