the easter bunny hates you

March 23, 2008


Know what the Easter Bunny is doing for the other 364 days of the year?



19 Responses to “the easter bunny hates you”

  1. Dan said


    As if bunnies didn’t already freak me out…

  2. BRUT said

    Times Square. Central Park. Muggings.
    Easter is one of my favorite times in New York. I couldn’t get there this year. Thanks for the memories, Max. (sniff.)

  3. michele said

    Oh the Easter parade in NYC is great Brut – crazy, crazy bonnets and all.

    Here the easter parade is all about the dogs in funny bonnets.

  4. max said

    I dunno, Michele, dogs in funny bonnets sounds good to me.

  5. michele said

    Actually it is quite entertaining. We briefly considered taking my mother’s dog there today, went for Chinese instead. We were bonnet-less.

  6. max said

    I would love that.

  7. Kym said

    Your Easter Bunny and my Easter Bunny are not friends!

    But My Easter Bunny is much scarier. When he leaves I’m packing a couple extra pounds. What are bruises compared to the true horror of fat?

  8. max said

    I love my Easter bunny. He packs nunchucks.

  9. max said

    [ps : if you do not want to be packing those chocolate eggs on your hips I know somewhere you could mail them]

  10. woodychair said

    Hmmm I like the Easter bunny more if he was actually like that. I mean who likes people who randomly hides your chocolate? wtf! Whats it got to do with him? Like life doesnt suck enough already without some rodent thiefing your precious brown gold.

  11. Dan said

    I bow before Max’s nunchuck-wielding Easter Bunny.

    And, since it was a bit nippy here in NYC, a lot of the bonnets came equipped with scarves and mittens.

    Oh…and I’ve got some spare chocolate…whatever shall I do with it?

  12. Kitty said

    Hope you had a great Easter Max without running into this bunny.
    He’s baaaaaaad.
    The sort that gives you a chocolate Ex-lax bunny.

  13. Dan said

    Heh heh. What can I say? I’m powerless against you and your bunny.

    (Okay, that may have come out wrong…)

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