next all hallow’s eve

February 25, 2008


nun sexy hallow’s eve costumeNext All Hallow’s Eve —

I am so this nun.

Sister Max.

Kiss Me.

If you dare.


where that sassy habit came from :
doy, where else, janiebelle

13 Responses to “next all hallow’s eve”

  1. Jason said

    Heh, why wait for Halloween? There’s always an excuse to host a costume party :)

  2. JanieBelle said

    I’m with Jason on this one, Sister Max.

    Get on with it. (…or off with it, depending on your perspective here)

    By the by, I think I may need some grammatical “correction” for the contents of this comment. I await your “instruction”.

  3. JanieBelle said


    I dare. *kisses*

  4. max said

    Jason, funny.

    Um, Janie? You are so looking in the wrong place I am not a dom.

  5. JanieBelle said

    That’s ok, Max.

    I go either way.

  6. Kym said

    I think maybe you should go for a summer costume party–looks a bit chilly for October.

  7. max said

    It probably is too chilly for October but it is sure inspiration to keep doing my damn crunches.

  8. That so works for me.

  9. californiablogging said

    I kind of picture you like this anyway! : )

  10. max said

    Less cleavage, more goosebumps, and that is me. [wink]

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