the bimbo dialogues : part iv

February 7, 2008


male nude by gormanHer friend still did not understand —

This friend of hers.

Did not understand that just because you can injure, that does not mean you do.

That made her wonder about him.

Wonder if his choice to not injure was a choice of conscience, or a choice of inability.

He never knew she thought that. He went away. And married a girl who worshiped intellect over physicality. Artistry over might.

She thought maybe that was a good thing.


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where the art work comes from :
that is a male nude by greg gorman

5 Responses to “the bimbo dialogues : part iv”

  1. conundrum said

    “He” has gone from a uber-physical male-weapon to an intellectual?

    I really didn’t see that coming.

  2. El said

    Hi Max–great blog, and wonderful writing! My friend Lulu tipped me off about your blog. I’m glad she did.

    Umm, conundrum, I think it was her lover who was the uber-physical male-weapon, it was her friend who kept questioning her that was the intellectual. He was the one who she started to have doubts about, due to his lack of, uh, insight, and inability to understand that virility and power can be restrained and that a man can be whole, sensitive, tender, and deadly.

    It is usually the male who does not balance these things that goes to the extremes and gets dangerous, at least that has been my experience. Like the “intellectual”, who can’t come to terms with who he is, who goes out, gets a semi-automatic, and shoots up people in a mall at Christmas. That sort of thing.

  3. max said

    Hi, El. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. conundrum said

    Hi El

    Oh do I feel like an idiot and apparently appropriately so.

    Thanks for enlightening me to the actual individual characters involved and their attributes/flaws.

  5. El said


    Hey, Conundrum, you’re cute when you’re humble {wink}

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