strike news — and if you are in 5150 and do not read this you are so fired

January 4, 2008


mouse and keyboardThere is news —

On the writers’ strike.

It could be sort of break through news too.

Just out of curiosity, how many people actually give a damn? You know with my aspiring writers I had to get kind of violent to even get a reaction?

But anyway —

This is info from a letter I received December 28, 2007 from the WGA.

The WGA has reached a contract with David Letterman’s Worldwide Pants production company [*max note : the only company that said it would and then did pay employees throughout the duration of the strike as it applied to them — to the best of my knowledge and if anyone else did that email me] that puts his show and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson back on the air with Guild writers.

There is a lot more but I am cutting that. What matters is David Letterman’s company walked away from the AMPTP and signed a deal. [It is a very fair deal too. Which is probably why David Letterman who is a very smart man thought it looked just fine and signed it.] And. Any other company may do that. The only difference being, some companies would rather be punkass, put their employees out on the street and fight for the sake of fighting than pay their writers.

Gee. I wonder who those punkasses are?


[hint : anyone who does not have new material to shoot]


where the art work comes from :
that is mouse & keyboard by niquin

24 Responses to “strike news — and if you are in 5150 and do not read this you are so fired”

  1. dailytri said

    I’m not sure I understand the details clearly, but I’ve heard that since Letterman owns his own production company – not run by CBS – that he had the ability to sign a deal with the guild. Leno, however, is not able to do that because his Big Dog banner doesn’t employ the writers of the tonight show, NBC is the employer.

    Am I on track with this? Either way, Letterman gets it and should receive some credit for making the deal with writers, not CBS.

  2. Kym said

    Bravo for Letterman and Boos to Huckabee for appearing on the Leno show.

  3. max said

    The entity that signed is the production company Worldwide Pants.

  4. Kitty said

    I came. I read. I am so not fired.

    Punkasses. LOL.

  5. max said

    You are all good. Smooch!

  6. JanieBelle said

    Ok, exactly how violent? Like spanking violent, or fisticuffs violent…

    I’m just curious.




    p.s. yesiwould

  7. max said

    There was a lot of stomping around and growling.

  8. max said

    [by the way, the terms Worldwide Pants signed on are the same terms AMPTP reps refused to discuss when they walked out of negotiation talks the second time]

  9. Drew said

    Just read the good news. It’s also in the major NYC daily newspapers. Pretty decent articles, too.

    Ok, so I’m hopefully not fired from 5150.

    But…ah…y’know, a light spanking wouldn’t be entirely outta the question…

  10. californiablogging said

    I really could not get in this club but I read the post and World Wide Pants Prod. Co. is smart to make this move. I’ve always been a fan of those shows.

  11. Chris said

    and now it is being reported that United Artists (Tom Cruise’s prod. co. at MGM) is going to cut a similar side deal of its own. wowzers if true:

    Deadline Hollywood Daily

  12. max said

    That is good news.

  13. Kym said

    Hey are the Letterman and UA deals going to be in force even if the writers sign a lesser deal with the other companies? Or are these contracts merely “strike waivers?”

  14. max said

    These are definite terms, not just waivers. Any benefits to an employer attached to independent contracts signed before an AMPTP resolution that are more beneficial than terms reached in a later AMPTP agreement will remain in force for the independent signers.

  15. Kym said

    Ah that makes these signings huge! Yeah for the writers. And I love the new divide and conquer strategy they seem to be doing.

  16. max said

    Yes. This defines the baseline minimum.

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  19. Stiletto said

    Does this punkass happen to have a garage full of motorcycles and cars?


  20. max said

    Nope. Different punkass.

  21. max said

    [Okay let me restate, yes, but still, different punkass.]

  22. […] a Guild fight, Letterman is one of the few television personalities that can make this move — break ranks with the AMPTP and sign independently with the Guild — and withstand AMPTP retaliation for doing […]

  23. […] “Late” for me and “late” for other people is very different. But I have been watching “late night” David Letterman [wow, someone else owns David Letterman dot com who is just dotty you should really fix that Uncle Dave] and Craig Ferguson [ditto for you Scottish guy] in a show of solidarity after Letterman’s Worldwide Pants signed the first deal with the WGA. […]

  24. […] David Letterman and Tom Cruise, the first motion picture entities to say “enough is enough” and turn their backs on the AMPTP and sign fair contracts with writers, the Weinsteins who were right behind them, and the many more company leaders who followed suit saying “We are here to make movies and television shows, not to inflate your already over-inflated personal and million dollar “smash the writer” bonuses — our writers deserve fair pay.” […]

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