my new favorite mirror

October 30, 2007


kerrThe new bathroom —

Has this huge mirror in it. Really huge. It is so huge you can see yourself in it from the legs up when you are in the shower.

I do not have the shower curtain up yet because I have not found it yet — but even when I do find it and put it up it is clear anyway so I will be getting the full Max each time I take a shower.

This is a highly complemetary mirror. Seriously complementary. The first time I was taking a shower here I stopped and just gawked.

It is not like I spend a lot of time looking at myself naked or anything but I am pretty sure I have never looked that good naked before in my life. This mirror is good. I mean wicked queen mirror good.

I have got to take photos. Then I can look at them when I am old and feel all hot and stuff.


*Also can you imagine sex in this shower with this mirror? Someone parts north should really catch a plane so I can try that out.


20 Responses to “my new favorite mirror”

  1. brut said

    is that just “parts north?” or does north north east count?

  2. max said

    I am not telling.

  3. Stiletto said

    I’m going to have to take a shower at your new place and judge for myself!

  4. sulya said

    Good mirrors are crucial. Sexy hot mirrors are magic indeed. What better way for your new place to welcome you than to make you feel extra-pretty naked? Lovely. And, even though I am definitely north of you I’m going to assume you don’t mean me (wink)…

  5. nursemyra said

    oh I love a great mirror. my bedroom has one. my bathroom doesn’t.

    if we lived in the same country I could shower at your place and you could sleep at mine. or if not sleep do whatever you and “parts north” get up to

  6. max said

    I went to a friend’s for dinner once and looked in this mirror in the living room and holy cats, I looked bad, and I said, Is it me or is it this mirror? And she said, Oh it is that mirror, that mirror is responsible for me getting plastic surgery. Mirrors are fascinating they have personalities and decide what they want to show you. I am going to feel so pretty walking out of this place after showering with this mirror.

  7. Kym said

    Can we clone it? I would pay some serious bucks right now to have a mirror that made me look sexy!

  8. Grace said

    When I was little my brother told me that my parents had all the mirrors in our house fixed so I couldn’t see how ugly I was. I didn’t believe him, of course. But now that I’m a certain age I’m longing for the magic mirrors of my youth.

  9. max said

    Kym, you are not really visiting for the strike you are visiting for the mirror, right?

    Grace, wow your brother was smart, the best I came up with for my sibling was, I was a wonderful surprise and you were a terrible accident — I never even thought to hit someone with fixed mirrors. We should compare notes and write a manual: Sibling verbal cruelty the assaults that really work.

  10. Stiletto said

    My mother has a lot of mirrors in her house. She also has a picture of herself around every corner. Hmm. Not sure which she has more of – her reflection or, well, her reflection lol

  11. max said

    Too many mirrors is not good feng shui — it sets up too much energy being amplified and bounced around which makes for a very frenetic and unstable and aggressive mind set.

  12. Stiletto said

    “…which makes for a very frenetic and unstable and aggressive mind set.”

    Oh, so that explains my childhood. Thanks, Max!

  13. I need this mirror.
    Need. Not want.

  14. max said

    This mirror so rocks you know I can never move now. It is like Dorian Grey In Reverse Mirror, I can grow old and shriveled but the mirror will always show me young and beautiful.

  15. Kitty said

    This mirror is the complete opposite of my webcam. I am about to gouge the eye out of that thing.

  16. max said

    Webcam abuse? LOL!

  17. Kitty said

    It is evil, Max, evil. It came built in with the MacBook.
    I’m hoping that is not the truth what I see in the webcam and my mirrors are not the ones lying to me. That would so suck.

  18. Kitty said

    That came out all wrong. I hope the webcam is the liar and the mirrors are the truth.

  19. max said

    The mirrors are you friends and that webcam is a damn liar.

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