the hot supernatural guys poll

September 17, 2007


jared padalecki and jensen acklesSince I must —

Amuse myself because no one is writing in any good letters [damn you people] I have concocted the Dean [Jensen Ackles] vs. Sammy [Jared Padalecki] poll over in the forums. Yay!

Go vote for your favorite Winchester Hunk from the show Supernatural.

Oh and if you do not watch Supernatural and do not even know who Dean and Sammy are GO SEE they are super cute. [<–hint for rain that is the youtube clip]

[<–hint for people too lazy to see the clip, sam is left, dean is right]

Happy mundane Monday.



29 Responses to “the hot supernatural guys poll”

  1. max said

    Oh I see. No love for the Supernatural boys.


  2. tj said

    I’ve seen this show before. it’s like x files meets the hardy boys…..but i do think it is pretty good.

    it’s a tough vote. sammy probably looks better but he cries way too much. I’ll go vote but i won’t say who for.

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  4. max said

    That is why there is a link so you can go see them [in cute towels even!] on youtube if you do not watch the show.

    I make it so easy and still you resist.


  5. ~m said

    My middle daughter just got the 2nd season on DVD.
    She says she needs to bone up for the new season.
    Great show though.
    I’ll leave the voting to you ladies but will say that, damn they’re two cute fellas. :0)

  6. max said

    Well jeesh, M, ask your daughter who to vote for and cast her vote.

  7. Grace said

    Definitely Sammy. I remember him well from Gilmore Girls.

  8. Grace said

    Sorry, I thought that was my vote. I voted for real now.

  9. max said

    Thank you for voting Grace.

  10. Okay, I voted. You totally have to tell us newbies which is which though. “Longhair” wasn’t an option.

  11. max said

    You voted blind?

    You are so funny.

    Sam is left, Dean is right.

    Thank you for voting.

  12. No, I didn’t actually vote blind, I watched the clip, but the clip is all real name stuff…it was like converting into metric at three in the morning.

  13. max said

    I am pretty sure they use the show names in the youtube towels clip.

  14. Stiletto said

    You know what’s really funny? I have the first season on DVD and the very first thing I said to myself was, Damn, girl, both of them are hot..which brother would you take?

    I never came to a decision. Now you are asking me to make a decision. Damn you Max!

  15. max said

    I started watching that show totally by accident I blame girl AJ.

  16. Stiletto said

    I bought it for my nephew and we are going to try to stay up all night and watch every episode. Ambitious, huh? Unfortunately, this thing called sleep happened.

  17. Stiletto said

    were – sorry – were – not are – nephew is gone.

  18. ~m said

    I cast her vote for Dean.
    Actually, I’m a bit surprised that Sam is winning.
    IMHO, Deano is the man.

  19. max said

    Thank you for voting, M. [See, you did have an opinion, wink.]

  20. oh my god…that didn’t work…I was so certain it would what with you saying so and all

    maybe sleep

  21. max said

    I am confused. What did not work?

  22. taking the supernatural hunk quiz

  23. The only tv show I’ve been watching is CSI…and those are all repeats.I was going to cheat but I’ll bet you’d know…right?

    PEZ run.

  24. max said

    There was no supernatural hunk quiz you goof all you had to do was push a button to vote.

    [Sheesh do you even know it is insulting to act like I am dumb enough to believe this made up story or are you just assuming I am so Southern I will find any way possible to delicately overlook an obvious and unfortunate concoction?]

    Anita Marie come away from the dark side.

  25. Nah, I don’t think that…I voted for the guy with the funny name.

    Which was good because everyone else is voting for the other guy.

    That’s me…always there for the underdog…

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