i want my story told

September 14, 2007


courtroomI have been watching —

Boston Legal on dvd. There is some shockingly good acting going down there by William Shatner and James Spader and the show is pretty fascinating it is a heterosexual man love story which I have not seen pulled off anywhere before except in Wedding Crashers but that is not what I am thinking about right now —

There is this episode where this client, clearly unfamiliar with prison and also unsane, wants to go to trial in spite of the fact he can get a good deal with no time served if he will just settle but no he wants to risk prison and go to trial because —

He wants his story told. [This is when the lawyers should drug him, take the deal on his behalf, and wake him up after but they do not I guess that violates bar rules or something.] Anyway —

The guy wants his story told. He thinks it is so important his story be told [more important than his freedom, more important than his life, more important than his family] he is willing to risk prison to get it told.

In. A. Court. Of. Law.

[Remember that part. In. A. Court. Of. Law.]

And he is probably going to lose — only James Spader represents him so he does not lose he wins AND gets his story told.

[I so want James Spader to come talk to my skeevy building owners.]

Here is the thing. Since I was a little kid I have been seeing characters on law shows go to trial because they want their stories told. Want people to be aware of and know their stories. But does this really work? Ever?

The last court case stories I saw even get news attention [I do not watch a lot of news so maybe I missed some but these were the stand outs] were Bill Clinton, O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, and Paris Hilton. So you tell me. Does some little guy in Boston stand a chance in hell of getting any news attention for his court case or trial? Will those get his story told? Known? Seen? By anybody?

That dumb guy should have taken the deal and started a blog.


where the art work comes from :
that is black and white courtroom by agonysmuse

15 Responses to “i want my story told”

  1. Hi Max…cue into the Jena6. I think that would be a case of “story being told”


  2. Woeful said

    Doubt it.
    … And yeah, Bill can act.

  3. max said

    If people are not talking about it, Crim, it is not news.

    Right now people are talking about Britney. Jena6 is just a wallflower.

    Woe, which Bill?

  4. yes, Max. I fear you are right.

    Mike gravel too. Americans are getting fatter and dumber.

  5. Insanity wanted his story told to- he’s up on both my blogs.

  6. max said

    Insanity is so smart, he does not even bother blogging he just does cameo appearances on the blogs of others.

  7. Kitty said

    You dumped us last night for Boston Legal?!
    I will give you a head start.
    Go ahead, put those running shoes on…

  8. max said

    I so did not. The only time I ever dumped you guys for a TV show was when Battlestar Galactica 2.5 disks showed. This post was already written I riffed it and I Have So Solved Global Warming and the next post that is going up off over a day before. I am like that, stealth posting with stealth time date stamps. Last night I was just real tired. You guys did not even TP me either. You are losing your touch TP Girl. [wink]

  9. michele said

    I would take that as a dare, Kitty.


  10. max said

    That was Michele who is always saying she is not the instigator right?

  11. max said

    Say, batting your eyelashes like that only works on guys… or I guess maybe girls who go for girls which is not me fresh stuff you are so busted.

  12. californiablogging said

    Even when you “win” in court it’s never over. You find a new path and take your fight to that street. Sometimes we are in the midst of a strategic loss and we don’t get to know it until the win comes in. Hang on and don’t fear change…… or my fav…… f*ck it, get drunk and wake up the neigbors!

  13. Woeful said

    The Bill nobody gives enough acting credit too… Shatner.

  14. […] : If you go to trial your story will overnight be world news. Or even national news. Or even news at […]

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