September 1, 2007




where that comes from :
i totally nabbed that off aj’s photo blog

12 Responses to “meercats!”

  1. Meerkats are famous- some of them have their own tv show on Animal Planet…and yes, okay-I’m a fan, a BIG fan of Meerkat Manor. It’s the only reality TV show worth watching.


  2. max said

    Meercats are cute as hell to me.

  3. californiablogging said

    Hey this came in handy, I just told Zach that is Carlos ( from Meercats Manor) and he’s really not a dead Meercat. ( no more tears!)

    What was that indie movie where the chick says Meercats are her favorite animals…… now this will drive me nuts, tonight.

  4. max said

    I do not know I am usually all about lemurs but those meercats are awful cute.

  5. Martyne said

    I think meercats are brilliant too but I feel a word of warning is in order. If you have read “Animal Farm” you will know that four legged animals, which choose to stand on two, can be problematical.

  6. max said

    Oh I am not all that worried about meercats. So far they have not started a war based on false pretenses, justified or defended torture, arrested and indefinitely incarcerated people without charge, bail, trial or the right to face their accusors, spied on the general citizenry and made it legal to do so, or stomped the right to congregate. Meercats are okay by me.

  7. Martyne said

    As far as I am aware they have done none of the above. But if they ever seek to take advantage of a simple, but loveable, equine like Boxer, I will be down on them like a ton of bricks! Tread carefully my little furry friends!

  8. aj said

    I could watch the little guys for hours, they are so damn cute.

    The whole on two legs thing can be a pro too. One month training and he’d be fetching my Diet Coke from the fridge.

  9. If you’ve read Life of Pi you know to keep an eye on the meerkats.

    Also: Aj is a meerkat photog? Who knew?

  10. max said

    This is Girl AJ it gets kind of confusing around here with all the AJ scampering but yes Girl AJ is a meercat photog and all other kinds of photog too and also brilliant yay!

  11. […] emerged from the Dark Continent. This crystal-clear shot of a fairy conducting a conversation with two friendly meerkats is the first hint we’ve had of the so-called “Special Relationship” between the […]

  12. […] where that image comes from : the full size image is here on celluloidblonde […]

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