the leaf blower

August 10, 2007


red leavesThere is this guy —

He shows up every night between 1:30 am and 3 am and wanders around with a leaf blower.

It is pretty weird to me there is this guy out there with a leaf blower during those hours.

Every night. Ever since I moved in.

What is up with that?

It is kind of like this ice cream truck that used to tool around the neighborhood when I lived east of Vine.

[I do not recommend living east of Vine.]

Every night, after midnight, sometimes way late into the hours, the little tinkling sound of an ice cream truck would echo up and down the streets.

You know little kids are not out at 1 am buying ice cream.

I always wondered what that truck was really peddling. It was creepy as hell hearing it roam the neighborhood.

I do not think the leaf blower is up to anything nefarious.

I do think it is really weird.


where the art work comes from :
that is more red leaves from blue sky studio

24 Responses to “the leaf blower”

  1. Jennifer said

    Leaf blower shares it with the guy who works days.

  2. Woeful said

    I’d say ice cream guy was peddling dope… Think Cheech & Chong in “Nice Dreams.”

  3. dailytri said

    Between your upstairs neighbor, spider man, and the leaf blower dude I’d be relocating. But that’s just me.

  4. People who garden in the dark and sell Ice Cream Treats at night?

    You know what would be really scary?

    If that’s all it really was.


  5. they do that at the golf course across the street…mowing and blowing by head light.

    I have a slingshot, and discourtesy pisses me off..I’ll be happy to send you one if you’ll use it

  6. max said

    Send a tank, Criminy. I am not walking into a gun fight with a sling shot.

  7. ummmmm……chicken?

  8. max said

    I studied my history. She with the best technology wins.

  9. hate to change the subject on you max, but my daughter just asked me how to spell pimpalicious…you’re a girl…is it time to sell her?

  10. Stiletto said

    Hollyweird, for sure.

  11. Stiletto said

    Nice dreams, yes…used to own that movie.

    But it was really Reggie from Phantasm that made me view ice cream trucks in a completely different light. And ice cream men are as freaky as clowns.

  12. We used to have a ghost ice cream truck at one in the morning. And once, we had a whole hay cart pulled by two tired-looking horses at three in the morning. I do not know. I do not think I want to know.

    But if he’s using a gas-powered leaf blower at one in the morning, you should shoot him. No judge would convict you.

  13. max said

    Is there another type of leaf blower?

  14. max said

    [Criminy you may not sell your daughter.]

  15. sulya said

    I once looked in my rearview mirror, saw an ice cream truck pull up behind me. In the driver’s seat a guy with elaborate tattoos covering both his arms completely in a wife-beater with a mowhawk standing at least 14″ high coloured pink, green and yellow.

    I thought, “awesome”. But I also thought, “Hmmmmm, human resources at ice cream truck HQ kinda’ misread their target demographics with that one.”

    If I’d seen him at night, and he was playing the tinkly music, I would have been creeped out I’d wager….

  16. spoilsport..i had a good offer on e-bay

  17. Stiletto said

    Hey does ghost ice cream mean ghost calories?


  18. max said

    You will get more goats and camels if you wait till she is sixteen Criminy.

  19. you sound like a dating service now

  20. max said

    Um, Criminy? When your daughter goes on a date her date is not supposed to write you a check and she is supposed to be back by midnight in the same condition she left in.

  21. it’ll be a bit before dating..i’m thinking 4 more years…I sincerely pity anyone who tries to change the condition she is in. Little miss sunshine is a bit of a handful.

  22. […] I guess — My observations about the guy with the leaf blower who came through between 1 and 3:30 am got play. And, you know, that is wrong, leaf blowers. They […]

  23. Eileen said

    I too have a midnight leaf blower…I lived in So.Cal and hear the garden trolls doing their thing at midnight, however, I moved to very rural Maine and have a neighbor blowing leaves at night and have a neighbor who made a small campfire in the street and left it unattended and didn’t claim it when the fire trucks came…Welcome to Stephen King country!

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