August 9, 2007


spideyIt is 3 a.m.

I am lying on the bed, half clothed, wishing I could sleep but I cannot so I am watching a dvd. A head appears outside my window.

This is sort of odd. Partly because I am not on the ground floor. Partly because the head is not coming up into the window, it is coming down into the window. It is just a sillhouette. And it is sort of a round head. Like maybe it is wearing a baseball cap or something. It happens fast. There is something in the window then it is gone. I am staring at the window wondering what THAT was.

It reappears. Disappears again.

This is not an easy access window. Whoever is out there has to be hanging from his feet off something. Like the balcony above. And it is a pretty exciting drop to pavement from there.

The head bobs in and out a few times, dissappears.

It reappears three feet over.

Now it has to be hanging from something else. I stare at it real hard. All of a sudden it swooshes out of the window fast. Good. He saw me looking.

A couple minutes later there is a knock on the door. It is Upstairs Neighbor Guy.



“So what was the deal with the head outside the window?”

“That is the guy down the hall climbing the building.”

“Okay. Could you ask him not to climb outside my window when I am not wearing enough clothes?”

“Sure no problem.”


24 Responses to “spidey!”

  1. michele said

    I must say you sure live in an interesting building. Was he wearing tights too?

  2. Woeful said

    Climbing the building (3AM)… You live in a truly bizarre place.

  3. max said

    I only saw his head. It would sure be more colorful with tights. I am not sure more colorful is something to strive for around here.

  4. JanieBelle said

    I think he was climbing outside your window because you weren’t wearing enough clothes. Can’t really be too mad at him y’know.

    If he’s willing to go to that extreme to see you half-nekkid, he should at least get a little credit for effort and flattery… in a weird, creepy kind o’ way.

    But just that once. He needs to be discouraged from doing it again. Here’s a thought…

    Go get a life size cardboard cutout of Rosie O’Donnell nekkid, a cheap spoon you don’t mind sacrificing, a live sasquatch, a barrel of toxic waste, the carburetor from a ’69 VW bug, and a large dairy cow…

    You may have a little trouble locating the carburetor, so one from a ’78 Chevy Impala will work, it just won’t be as funny.

    (It is simply way to early for me to be inflicted on the world…)

  5. Woeful said

    “Let’s go out, John!”
    – “Nahhh… Gotta’ climb the building.”

  6. max said

    Listen I just do not want to see Rosie O’Donnnel nekkid.

  7. JanieBelle said

    Neither will he.

  8. JanieBelle said

    Nevermind. I just checked with the animal rights people..

    The lady said something about cruelty to animals, then she dropped the phone. I think she might have fainted…

    (I assume she was referring to the sasquatch and the dairy cow…)

  9. max said

    Well, you know, this is all taking Upstairs Neighbor Guy’s word for it. Call me cynical, usually people crawling around buildings at 3 am looking into other units have motives besides hopping up the mountain climbing skills though.

  10. Jennifer said

    One time in Minnesota we decided to ski off the roof. A view of a half naked chick would have definetly distracted us from our mission. Then again if we knew she was there she might have been the mission…..just sayin!

  11. max said

    This so puts a damper on exercise naked to avoid laundry plans.

  12. well you finally met upstairs neighbor guy. too bad you weren’t wearing less clothing.
    here’s a bit of oddness, as if life itself were not oddness en suite.
    the pic you chose is from the latest spiderman flick. i never would have rented this film but i saw it on the flight back from boston this week.
    now where exactly does this spiderman reside?
    i’m all for portents. potions too.

  13. max said

    I have not seen that. That is the one where Spidey’s dark side starts taking over right?

  14. Jennifer said

    Where are the elves?

  15. max said

    Clearly the elves are on strike. Damn unions.

  16. max said

    Rachael, you crack me up.

  17. Kitty said

    Oh man, that’s funny.

  18. Stiletto said

    Isn’t AJ Valliant a huge fan of Spiderman? How do we know it’s not really him?

  19. Eddie said

    Starting a post off like that is so unfair.

    (somebody had to say it)

  20. max said

    If it had been Valliant he would not have made it back out of the window.

  21. You can never move out of that building. The writing material is just too good.

  22. max said

    This is true. My neighbors are definitely entertaining. Someone new moved in who is kind of cool. She does acupuncture and herb medicine.

  23. […] saw that actually scared you? The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Do not watch this alone at 3 a.m. with Spidey on the […]

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