i am so nikita yay!

July 2, 2007


pita wilson as nikitaYou are totally Nikita.

[Yay! Yay! Yay!]

Okay the quiz was not really that excited about it.

I was though.

The last assassin quiz I took I ended up Leon aka Jean Reno from The Professional and Leon is not a pretty girl and is a really bad dresser and also is kind of a tard

Despite being super good at what he does and also nice to children.


:::what la femme nikita character are you:::


that is pita wilson she
played nikita in the tv show

28 Responses to “i am so nikita yay!”

  1. Madeline.
    I’m Madeline.
    I’ll bet she’s a tard…cause I have NO idea about this show.

  2. Except for I found out which Hit Man I am:

    You are Tony Montana.
    A self made Cuban imigrant ( Filipina/ Scot born in Seattle…close enough )

    You never take NO for an answer ( NO I DON’T hahaha)

    You are self motivated and you never quit!
    (Wow…that is so cool cause it’s SO true.)

    The Dark Invader.

  3. sulya said

    Madeline was not a tard, Anita Marie, she was dark. There was a lot of dark there. With, as I recall, some surprising good under the conniving and the cold…

    I got Nikita. I loved that show for a while. Lost touch with it though. Found out there were a bunch of episodes after I lost touch – one day I will find them in repeat somewhere and get to see them all.

  4. I’m Michael. What a boring name. I bet he’s a tard.

  5. Jennifer said

    I am Michael, I am gay right?

  6. i’m walter. I’m not sure if thats good or bad, but you don’t call him wally.

  7. max said

    Michael was totally hot and also one of the leads.

  8. max said

    Criminy you are so making that up.

  9. nope…absolute truth. I’m wally the whackjob. *LOL*

  10. i was sweating it. thought I’d be some chick

  11. max said

    That is very funny. I want to write a quiz now that tells everyone who takes it “you are a waiter, also expendable, you get killed in the first episode.” That is hillarious to me.

  12. there is a bit of the nefarious in you, Max.

  13. max said

    There is a lot of nefarious in me. Take off your clothes and I will show you.

  14. what are clothes?

    by the way, that’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of romanticizing anything…see, i can’t even spell it

  15. aj said

    I am Michael. I have no idea who he is by the way.

  16. max said

    Michael is a hot guy who is Nikita’s assassin trainer and handler. Think of him as a handler with a big gun.

    [If you saw the U.S. movie version, he is Gabriel Byrne.]

    I am not sure what it means a lot of girls are getting him though.


  17. ok, so who’s walter? a dead waiter in the first show?

  18. max said

    I have no idea. I caught the show late and sporadically.

    “Waiter” is still funny as hell to me. I hope that means “restaurant waiter” and “obscure unimportant character with a speaking role” not “cute nickname for important character.” It is just more fun that way.

  19. not waiter, max WALTER

  20. Hi Max…look what I found on my Stat Page –

    Search Views
    gummy bear porn 1

    I am SO going to deal with this.

    The Dark Invader.

  21. bletebzz said

    i am vincent vega the coolest assasin to walk the earth

  22. bletebzz said

    hey, gummy bear porn magazine “playbear” just hit the stands.

  23. It’s also hit google.

  24. aj said

    I have seen the movie version if the assassin was Bridget Fonda. Dermot Mulroney was in that movie as her live in lover and boy, did he look good.

  25. pooks said

    I am Martin Blank.

    Somehow, that makes sense.

  26. max said

    But, but, but —

    Waiter is more funny.


  27. yeah, I should have let you maintain the illusion of funny since I have no clue who walter is.

  28. […] are the waiter — This is funny as hell to me. Everyone was taking the Nikita Quiz and CriminyJickets comes back with “I am a […]

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