susan’s revenge

June 4, 2007


shoe backThe toilet handle broke off.

I cut my foot on a piece of glass. A light bulb blew. My printer is eating envelopes.

I know it is Susan.

I will not crack though.

I am hanging tough with the snub.

Now I truly have to go to the hardware store which means get toggles too which means the wall board might go up — if Susan disaster does not take that out too.


19 Responses to “susan’s revenge”

  1. Jennifer said

    Oh that’s enough of that…. You should write your own like you did for Sulya.

  2. max said

    Dear Aquarius With Cap Moon & Rising :
    Today the printer and toilet and dvd player will fix themselves, the June royalty check will be five times what you expected, you will miraculously find a new lightbulb stashed under the sink — right next to the dishwashing soap you thought was under there too, your downstairs neighbor will visit with toggles, all the bad neighbors will move out, scripts will read themselves, the director will say she could not wait and accidentally cast and set up the script at a studio already she hopes you do not mind, Brian will send the Viper Room photos, and a Canadian you have a hot crush on will email you a serenade.
    Also your butt will get perkier for no apparent reason. You lucky bitch.
    Love and Kisses,
    The Stars

  3. max said

    Oh hell that deserves to be a post doesn’t it?

  4. michele said

    It sure does.

  5. max said

    When The Stars speak I cannot argue.

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  7. Brut said

    Would that be a Canadian citizen or resident?

  8. max said

    Which works out better for you in alone moments?

  9. Brut said

    lol. it was a tough night. no wife. no wine. and only three inches of vodka left in the bottle.

  10. max said

    Good God you are totally roughing it. How did this happen?

  11. I KNEW IT!
    Okay, I’m afraid of astrology again.
    Geeze- where’s my PEZ–pez pez pez…see my nerves are jumping like fleas off a dead mouse.

  12. Jennifer said

    Brillllllllliant! I love how the stars throw in a perky butt ..

  13. I had no idea the stars cared about Perky Butts

    It’s true they DO see and know all.


  14. Jennifer said

    Well, I am hoping the stars will care about winning lotto tickets..

  15. max said

    Susan is totally on task. I have lost another light bulb. Gah!

  16. Jennifer said

    Go green they last forever….. ain’t cheap though….

  17. Stiletto said

    I did not understand why Little Mom was referred to as such until I clicked on her picture. Wow. She really is old. And little.

  18. Stiletto said

    Well at least your foot matches your finger now.

    Haha I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

  19. Stiletto said

    Damn I’m mean spirited today. I better go the gym and work that one out.

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