kiss me i am irish enough

March 17, 2007

when pigs flyI am not sure I approve of a holiday where you have to be Irish to get kissed. I am going with a new slogan. “Kiss me I am Irish enough.”

Technically I am not Irish at all.

I still think I should get the kisses.

I am just like that.

11 Responses to “kiss me i am irish enough”

  1. My daughter’s heritage is half Irish/Welsh and half Eastern European Jew.
    St Patricks day is perfect for us.
    We’re both alcoholics but she gets our Bushmills wholesale.

  2. brut said

    on St. Paddy’s day everyone is Irish, like it or not. kisses all around.

  3. michele said

    Happy St. Patricks day!

  4. max said

    Wow. A drive by blog smooch. That is new.

  5. You get the drive by kisses and i get pinched all day for not wearing green.

  6. max said

    They are not pinching you for not wearing green.

    You smacked a few people I hope.

    That is just fresh.

  7. Kitty said

    I did have a speck of green on but by the time I was able to to show it to them I’d been pinched.

  8. max said

    You Louisiana girls. The lengths you will go to to show someone your underoos.

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