international women’s day

March 8, 2007

suffragetteMarch 8 is International Women’s Day. It is also Blog Against Sexism Day.

How frisky and aware am I that I even know that?

Blogging against sexism, my philosophy is pretty basic: Sexism is bad. Stop that.

There are people a little more eloquent than I am though [okay a lot more eloquent than I am though] and maybe you should read what they have to say. Go check out Thinking Girl. They do not call her “thinking girl” for nothing. She thinks a lot.



12 Responses to “international women’s day”

  1. stellar1 said

    It does make you quite frisky and aware that you know about
    international women’s day…hell, even the media doesn’t
    seem to know. :)

  2. max said

    Oh the media is busy propping the dead president up it does not have time for frivolity like equal rights or women.

  3. It’s like when Keith Richards did this Press Conference and talked about his support for ” International Nurses Day “- he was in the hospital at the time, so I can see how he heard about it.

    However, the Media pointed out it was a black mark against them when Keith Richards was aware of something AT all…and THEY missed it all together.

    This is strike two.

  4. thanks for the linkup Max!

  5. max said

    Sure, TG. Thanks for being on the front wall.

  6. aj said

    Do we get a ribbon?

  7. max said

    Yes. And foot rubs. Tell German I said so.

  8. Thinking Girl’s blog rocks.
    How’s that rabbit paw, Cujo?

  9. max said

    I shook the paw out.

  10. […] “international” in International Women’s Day is not a misnomer you know Women’s Day is totally international and in Russia they give women […]

  11. You are right! Sexism is bad but, oh come on, sometimes I like being on the bottom…

  12. max said

    That is not sexism that is geography.

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