george hates bush

January 20, 2007

Oh wow. George the Cat got a Cats Against Bush T-shirt. Yay!

George is apparently real suspicious of clothing with armholes. But the picture rocks.

Go see the story: George Hates Bush (and now me?)

where cats against bush shirts come from :

16 Responses to “george hates bush”

  1. michele said

    George looks cute as hell in that shirt.

  2. max said

    Doesn’t he? There are more photos on Zee’s site. He is totally cute. I bet he would get used to the shirt too.

  3. Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Max!

    The Old Man is Republican and he hates my cat. I am soooo ordering this for Lunar Space Pumpkin. Very cool!

    PS Cute kitty!

  4. Testing again. My comment didn’t show up earlier.

  5. Last year I got my nieces to stand in front of the TV and cry whenever Bush was on.

    My Republican Relatives really loved that.


    Anita Marie

  6. max said

    A guy sent a clip in to of a dog named Jackson Mississippi — if you ask Jackson Mississippi whether he would rather be George Bush or rather be dead Jackson Mississippi rolls over and plays dead.

  7. Z said

    Jackson Mississippi is a great dog name.

  8. That is one cool cat.

  9. He looks like my Sam!

    That is so funny, Anita!!

  10. max said

    Jackson Mississippi is a cool name.

    George is huge. This is not readily apparent in photos unless he is next to something that shows his scale. Like sitting in a suit case or something. How big is he now, Zee?

  11. max said

    Stilletto, I do not know what happened there, your posts got stuck in the spam box for no good reason. Anyway that is released now. I guess I need to check that nefarious box more often. Posts from Anita and Thinking Girl were stuck in there too and I am not sure where TG’s comment ended up I have to go track her down.

  12. Z said

    George is around 24 lbs but not fat. When he stands on his back legs his head reaches the doorknob 3 feet off the ground. I got the medium dog shirt and it fit him pretty well.

  13. max said

    George could play defense on a cat hockey team and womp Canadian hockey cat butt.

  14. […] he just grew into a bitter old curmudgeonly bastard. 3. I plan to leave all of my money to my cat (or dog. if you’re truly crazy about ass-sniffing smelly sneaky walnut brains my ex-husband is […]

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