screenwriter — hero of action

December 24, 2006


screewnriter hero of action

In the way of most people who discover a new super power [wow, I am God, I can post a YouTube movie on the blog] I am about to go crazy with my new super power and vulgarly abuse it when —

The author of screenwriter hero of action makes some rule you can not embed the movie instead you must go to Youtube.

Generally I would say, Wow, bad move screenwriter hero of action guy, I kind of get industry traffic but —

This is totally hillarious to me so I am going to post it anyway.

[it really does rock]

[and i really should not post it but i will anyway because i am just a rebel]

[also i am posting it early, hey, i have dinner plans tomorrow, it is the holidays, quit it]

[p.s. if you are dense and still looking for the link, it is screenwriter hero of action ]


4 Responses to “screenwriter — hero of action”

  1. Now that is some action. Why wouldn’t someone allow an embed? Crazy. Cool video. Now go check out the one I left for you on my blog.

  2. max said

    I love that piece. He has a Mac. And beer. That so cracks me up.

  3. aj said

    tis Xmas here in the upside down country, so…. MERRY CHRISTMAS MAX

    I am being a blog slut and Merry Christmasing my way through my contact list tonight.

  4. max said

    So, just how many glasses of Christmas cheer are required to announce publicly that you are a “blog slut”?

    Drunken blogging night was not even as much fun as Christmas.

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