meme what?

January 16, 2006


blondieOkay Pooks has been —

Explaining memes to me. [Yipes.]

So, um, here I am playing well with others doing a freaking “meme.”

[I do not really have to send this to anyone do I? To me this looks like an advanced version of email chain mail and those are annoying as hell but oh well.]

1 early film-related memory:

two words: flying monkeys — yay!

2 favorite movie lines:

“there are worse things than chastity”

“yes, lunacy and death”

3 jobs you’d do if you couldn’t work in the business:

i am already blackballed at one studio you want me to tempt fate here?

4 jobs you have actually held outside the industry:

jewel thief
cia operative
swim suit model
brain surgeon

*for extra credit guess which of those i really did — no fair if you actually know either let the new kids play

3 (current) book authors I like:

oh forget book authors those book authors over write like ninjas

2 movies you’d like to remake or properties you’d like to adapt:

excess baggage, and, um, excess baggage

1 Screenwriter you think is underrated:

all screenwriters are underrated you whacky kidders


2 Responses to “meme what?”

  1. […] email what tag” and realized it was an onsite thing. That is like when Pooks hit me with a “meme.” I am not real blog savvy. I have been, I guess, doing something like blogging since 2000, but […]

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