I know, freaking gorgeous, right? Ahhh!


SO THERE I WAS completely minding my own business coming down off a 5 am work high trying to wear myself out enough to sleep —

[You don't know 5 am work highs?  They're what comes from pushing through midnight and 3 am and the desire to sleep and catching a second/third/fourth wind to keep working because you have something that needs to be finished before the alarm goes off for other people on some coast USA --- only then you are done and it is 5 am and you can't just go to sleep, you have defied the gods o' sleep too long and they are pissed so now you have to wind down and no, there are no drugs involved, quit it...]

— When this hot kilt meme showed up on FB and I thought, you know, maybe hot kilt guys would be just the thing right now and also everything else has a hot this or that page there should be a hot kilt page around here somewhere.




There was some private group.

[What the hell do they do in a private group?  Okay wait, that might be scary, don't answer that.]

There was an app. And it did not work.


There was some page with like, 5 kilt photos.


And no good hot kilt pages.






[You're welcome.]


[I know.  It is not plaid.  Screw plaid!  It does not have to be plaid!  I am descended from Scots I can say that.  The real Scots might get a little excitable though.]


THAT IS THE STORY of how I came to be the mover and shaker behind the one and only acceptable hot guys in kilts page on FacebookMEN IN KILTS

I know, totally professional, right?


[Screw professional, life is short!  Okay maybe not so professional, but life IS short.  Also, we are talking kilts.  Yay!]





cry baby cry!

March 6, 2014


Word is [via Slate] Getty images just dropped the pay wall and is trying something new, embeds that link back to the original source. I see that news and think, cool, I can go link some of my Getty photos without the watermark. [See for even me to use Getty photos of me without the watermark, there was some sort of pay scheme going --- which seems wrong but there you have it.]

I do a search. They come up, but not on Getty. On Zimio. Whut?

Here’s a Getty photo from the 25th Nicholl Fellowships Awards ceremony. Look how spiff we all look yay!


[L-R: Rafael Arrieta, Donna McNeely, Michele Sutter, Max Adams and David Kurtz attend AMPAS' 25th Annual Don & Gee Nicholl Fellowships In Screenwriting Dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on November 4, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.]


I love that photo but that’s not my favorite photo from that night. My favorite photo is not even a Getty photo it is an iPhone photo shot on the way to the awards when I hadn’t put my heels on yet and was stopping for a Diet Coke on the way. Yay!




[I had been off sugar, chocolate, sodas, coffee, bread and booze for two freaking weeks before the awards ceremony. Your face looks pretty for the camera if you knock all that crud off for a couple weeks --- but you are crying hard for a soda. Cry baby cry!]


the face

February 17, 2014


A friend was reading the recent Max interview and said, That’s great, but when are you doing something live so I can see your face?

No live interviews any time soon but here is the face.




Also, here is a dog in goggles for the less easily entertained.





i regret nothing!

November 8, 2013



I just really like this photo.


throw back thursday

October 10, 2013



You might think, looking at this photo, I was not happy with the outfit.

That would be untrue.  I have been big on hats and bags since birth.

I was however really annoyed at the camera operator who wanted me to put down the stuffed cat creature toy.

Yeah.  That wasn’t going to happen.



PS: As a secondary note, the color distortion in this photo is not actually the result of it being taken in 1802. [Though that might be really interesting.] The house in the background is, in fact, pink. The person behind me is in fact wearing pink. I am in fact wearing pink. And the poor film succumbed to pink overload, turning everything, yes, pretty much pink. As a future filmmaker, I would like to point out this might account for my clearly recorded disdain and disapproval for the shot of record. Or, it might indicate I am in fact the long lost sister of Lillian and Dorothy Gish, was born in the late 1800′s, and am just making up big lies to cover for being around way longer than is normal.


pup love

May 28, 2013


I just really love this photo. I thought you might too.



holy mother of god!

March 16, 2013


Listen, I just have to post this photo for you.  I must do it. I am compelled by a power stronger than myself.



:::Viewing Photos of Kittens & Puppies Improves Focus:::


love and warren

March 10, 2013


Catch more Warren at the :::high bar:::


February 24, 2013


I just really like this photo.



Yes that is a :::going banksy::: photo

There are more here too I just for some reason really like the one above.

Going Banksy, Austin, TX February 2013

Going Banksy, Austin, TX February 2013


photo bomb!

January 6, 2013


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